90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest

The Secret of NIMH with Brian Herring

January 21, 2022

Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes. This is the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest podcast.

In episode 75 Sam is joined by puppeteer and voice actor Brian Herring

Brian has chosen Don Bluth's 1982 animated feature, The Secret of NIMH (82 minutes). Bluth's directorial debut features the voices of Hermione Baddeley, John Carradine, Dom DeLuise, and Derek Jacobi.

Recorded back in Spring 2021: Sam and Brian discuss how he got his first job on Spitting Image, operating BB-8 in Star Wars and why we should all take a moment to revisit The Secret Of NIMH

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