90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest

Let’s Scare Jessica To Death with Prano Bailey-Bond

August 20, 2021

WE'RE DOING A LIVE SHOW! The 90 Min Film Fest is back at London Podcast Festival 2021 on Saturday 11 Sept at 12pm. For more info and to buy your tickets, click here to visit the King's Place website.


Sam Clements is curating a fictional film festival. He'll accept almost anything, but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes. This is the 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest podcast.

In episode 68 Sam is joined by Prano Bailey-Bond, writer and director of new horror film Censor.

Prano has chosen Let's Scare Jessica To Death (89 minutes). Released in 1971, written and directed by John Hancock, the film stars Zohra Lampert, Barton Heyman, Gretchen Corbett, and Mariclare Costello. 

Sam and Prano discuss the inspiration behind Censor, synth music in horror and a stand-out performance from Zohra Lampert.

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Bonus link: Kim Newman talking to LoveHorror about Let's Scare Jessica To Death

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